SM-100 Valve Pre-Amplifier with RIAA

The new SM-100 pre-amplifier are close to go in to production. It is handmade in Denmark. The final listening tests, further tests and design of enclosure will occupy the next 6 months or so. Prototypes will go out to selected customers and “golden ears” in the near future. Final evaluation upon feedback from these persons will decide the exact date of introduction on the market.

The design and development of this amplifier began in February 2017, although in a way it began more than 20 years ago, when the ideas about this amplifier emerged in my head. Either way it is based on the experience of more than 35 years.

It is in many ways a “worlds first”. It is most likely the shortest signal path ever encountered in an amplifier of this category. The volume control is unique and will insure the best possible setting of low distortion to low noise adapted to the system in which it is to be incorporated. No matter what line signal source or power amplifier it needs adapt in to.

In the same manner it is possible to match and adapt the RIAA amplifier  to any known Pick Up set up. This is extremely important as the impedance and signal level of Pick Up´s varies grossly from type to type and so does the actual set up.

This capability to actually provide the optimal match to any set up configuration, is to the best of our knowledge a unique feature only found with the Lilienthal SM-100 Pre-Amplifier.

The well known and frustrating plague of valves, “contact noise”, has been completely eliminated. ( Often heard as a periodic hiss and/or spot noise )
Microphonics has been reduced to the physical limits of valves. In practise it is eliminated. No level of sound pressure found in a domestic environment can provoke acoustic microphonics in the SM-100 amplifier.

There is no global feedback used in the SM-100 circuits. ( Global feedback is considered as output to input feedback ) Degenerative coupling ( Cathodes )  and anode feedback are the only sorts of feedback used.That may actually not even count as feedback, at least not in the traditional way. Personally I do not consider “local feedback” or degeneration as feedback, although it is often called so. In my opinion it is  the actual merits of the valve set up. It is flat out impossible to encounter phase deviation or oscillations from degeneration, It doesn’t act as conventional feedback in this manner.

The RIAA filter is passive.

Only the best components are used. All are selected to the particular task.

The research and development of this amplifier are performed by the brilliant Ulrik Smed and yours truly.

Please, consider this as an “appetizer” or “teaser” for the SM-100 pre-amplifier.

Much more to come about this little wonder.

Expected retail price Dkr.30.000 = EUR 4000,-  =  GBP£ 3600,- = US$ 4600,-
plus local VAT.

– sincerely Kurt van Lilienthal Heitmann Thaaning Steffensen.


We regret that we do no longer provide transformers for sale. Production has been cancelled 2018.

Valve Amplifiers is still our main business. More to come about the new Lilienthal Engineering HiFi amplifier series.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2017 has been a good year in terms of new developments. I have a new line of amplifiers, that is intended for a well known brand name.
I hope this evolves in to a long term cooperation.

I have also written a lot of new material for this portal. This will be published in the new year 2018.

I want to thank the hundreds of good people writing to me regarding my amplifier compendium. I have read every single of them, but I am afraid that it hasn’t been possible to respond to all. I encourage you to write to me, in particular if you have any comments about the compendium. I will do my best to reply to you, although that doesn’t always happen. But rest assured that I will read it and I appreciate any comments.

Globally 2017 hasn’t been the best year in the history og mankind.
New winds blows and it doesn’t look too good.

It is my hope that 2018 will be a year of progress and peace. Good people are working on this every single day.

With this in mind, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

– sincerely

Kurt van Lilienthal Heitmann Thaaning Steffensen

Happy New Year

Thank you all for the year that went. The insane killings of journalists in French by fanatic lunatics was a bad and sad start on a new year. It remains a mystery to me that these crazie persons choose to kill civilians, reporters and medical/red cross/moon helpers. There is no honor or glamour in such acts, just shame.

Now, this year I will upload tons of information, schematics and more at this homepage and I will gradually build up a stock of transformers for the users of tube/valve audio gear. Manufactures of high end audio, guitar amplifiers and the DIY community will hopefully find these online catalogs helpful.

I will announce here, when I once again take new orders in small quantity.


Kurt Lilienthal Steffensen



Currently no new orders.

As of 4 of January 2014 we regret that we do not take new orders from privates. Our order book is full for the next 7-8 months.

We are also in the process of developing some new advanced alloys for even better transformers to come.

Please, stay tuned.


– sincerely Kurt Lilienthal



So far so good.

It seems as if our email system is working again.

We will try to reconstruct as much of the former content as possible, but a lot got lost.

We apologize for this situation. Please, forward any question you may have and order via sales at

Lead time for the time being are 1-3 weeks. Products in stock will be shipped within 24 hours as of registered payment.

We will be closed from Friday the 12’th to Friday 26’th of July for vacation.

We wish you all a happy summer.

– sincerely Kurt Lilienthal

Real men use no back-up…….

As of now we have reconstructed some text based on biological memory, but mainly all are new.

Vacation and holidays will claim some of July and other more urgent tasks will steal our time this summer.

The main thing the rest of the year is to set up the new “in house production” of transformers and to maintain the high quality we were used to by our former suppliers of transformers.

If you spot any major language errors – well, or even small ones in the new texts, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Happy summer out there. This also goes for the hip hackers and rock ‘n rollers.

Maxwell, Faraday, Oersted and Henry will revenge the rip.

Kurt Lilienthal