It appears as if the word about my new amplifiers is already out there as I have received some requests, both locally as well as from abroad regarding these.
It is true that we are preparing a small series of amplifiers based upon the collected knowledge and experience from about 30 years of research and engineering.These amplifiers are supposed to break the price range of High End amplifiers at a record affordable price for a piece of equipment of such high sonic qualities. But it is unfortunately too soon to inform about these in any great detail. All I want to leak at this early stage is that it is indeed the best amplifiers I have designed so far. We have tested some of these amplifiers in extensive listening sessions with “golden ears test pilots” as well as audiophile friends and guests and it has been unanimously agreed that these amplifiers are some of the best ever heard.Some prototypes are all finished and we will soon enter the first test run of production.

I can reveal that we are looking in to producing a line of the following types of amplifiers:

1) A small 8 Watts stereo power amplifier, capable of direct input for line level as well as regular pre-amplifiers. This amplifier has been developed on a new approach for some of the oldest, most reliable and best sounding circuits known to the audio world.
Target retail price around US$ 2500,- + vat.

2) A medium power stereo amplifier based upon the same basic ideas and philosophy.
Price will be around US$4000,- + vat.

3) A high power triode amplifier,holding the same new ideas.
Price not known at the time of writing.

4) A small Single End triode amplifier.
Target price US$ 2500,- + vat.

5) A complete pre-amplifier, with lots of special features and phonograph cartridge RIAA inputs.
Price not yet calculated, as I am still improving on this design.

6) A separate affordable RIAA amplifier for the discerning audiophile.

7) My personal wildest dream amplifier – no means spared. Special alloy transformers, selected triodes and painstakingly carefully tuned circuits, using only the best of the best of the best – costs absolutely no issue at all. Only two models are to be made per year. Sold only upon special request.

The amplifiers mentioned in 1) ,  2) and 6) , are planned to be introduced at the market around Dec/Jan. Other models to be announced.

I will update here as soon as I know more.

Happy summer to us all.

Yours truly

Kurt Lilienthal Steffensen