So far so good.

It seems as if our email system is working again.

We will try to reconstruct as much of the former content as possible, but a lot got lost.

We apologize for this situation. Please, forward any question you may have and order via sales at

Lead time for the time being are 1-3 weeks. Products in stock will be shipped within 24 hours as of registered payment.

We will be closed from Friday the 12’th to Friday 26’th of July for vacation.

We wish you all a happy summer.

– sincerely Kurt Lilienthal

Real men use no back-up…….

As of now we have reconstructed some text based on biological memory, but mainly all are new.

Vacation and holidays will claim some of July and other more urgent tasks will steal our time this summer.

The main thing the rest of the year is to set up the new “in house production” of transformers and to maintain the high quality we were used to by our former suppliers of transformers.

If you spot any major language errors – well, or even small ones in the new texts, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Happy summer out there. This also goes for the hip hackers and rock ‘n rollers.

Maxwell, Faraday, Oersted and Henry will revenge the rip.

Kurt Lilienthal